Monday, July 27, 2009

Renewed Hope

Just when I am prepared to throw my hands in the air and bury my head in the sand to avoid seeing the state of the youth around me, and the lack of ambition of their parents, my darling little Granddaughter gets up her gumption and starts her own company. You heard me correctly. She and a couple of her friends have started a sewing class and have found the skill much to their liking so she and said friends have started up 'Sparkle Sewing'. They will be manufacturing bags, skirts, aprons and pillows and I just can't wait to see what their little imaginations come up with next.

People, my granddaughter is 11!!!! She doesn't let the state of the economy stop her or the weather or the lack of skills in building a business, she just goes ahead and does it.

Man, she could really teach something to a lot of people out there moaning and groaning about the state they find themselves in. Please I mean no offense to those out there that are...well...moaning and groaning, all I am saying is take a lesson from these girls. Some of the greatest things that have happened in business have happened during hard economic times. but I digress...
This is a post about the amazing creativity, ingenuity, belief and genius that is my granddaughter, my little Si-Si you are truly AMAZING! Here is their blog, take a look and be amazed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Milestone

Today is my Anniversary, 35 years ago today I attached my star to Mr Darcy's. It has been and continues to be a wild ride.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Room at the Inn

Have I told you I have a scrapbook room? NO....well I do. I least once a month, usually twice...with people I love and enjoy!

This room is a place of solitude for me, a place where I just hang out, type, scrapbook, eat snacks, you know just BE!

We just bought a new sofa sleeper to have up in my room and an armoire that I use to hide all my scrapbook paraphanalia, it is bliss, sheer bliss. I love having space, my own space, space, space space........
The new couch--isn't it the loveliest shade of blue? Sigh...
The desk where I work, create, drink my Rte 44 from Sonic
The new Armoire (sp) where I can hide all things messy and unfinished and no one is the wiser!

The Futon that not only gives a comfortable place to land, but sleeping area in a pinch

and I even have given you a sneak peak inside said Armoire, all my lovely scrapbook this and that, and even a Karoake machine in case my wild side should hit me all at once.

I love this room, and it's many gives me peace.

Recap of the Trip of Trips

Well we made it! We not only made it but it was a great, wonderful, ethereal experience. I of course am talking of our trip of a lifetime with my 3 oldest little Princesses.

We are now inside the park and I just had to have a picture at the top of Mainstreet USA. Mr Darcy was so patient with all my photo ops and the girls, although anxious to get to the rides, humored me like the little troopers they are.
One of the first rides we experienced was, of course, DUMBO. Ana was thrilled and I took pics of everyone in flight
Sease and Tae
Ana and me
And of course my own Mr Darcy

Well the trip was awesome, we ate, we played, we swam (I mean 'they' swam, swimming suits and I haven't seen eye to eye for many years) we talked and enjoyed each others company. The trip was a raging success even if I do say so myself.

We shared a special place to us with some of the most precious and special people in our lives. And just for the record, I did walk away with another little gem, an annual pass to Disneyland, Score!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I've waited my whole life for a trip like this!

This is my 100th post!!!!!

It has taken me 15 months to write 100 posts and I am not saying that all of them were read worthy, so to those that have endured 'Thank You'. Only a true friend or a total blogging addict would have stuck around through the mud and the muck, to those of you that have I am grateful and just a little concerned about your state of mind.

Anyway this post is a wonderful announcement! My hubby and I are taking our 3 oldest grandchildren to Disneyland for their birthdays!

This will be a wonderful trip and we will not only get to share our girls with Mickey and Minnie, We also get them all to ourselves to get to know them a little better.

The next blog will have pictures and anecdotes and wonderful memories, I don't know about you--but I can't wait

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Never too old to change!

My goodness gracious, today we find ourselves in the thriving metropolis of Clovis New Mexico. In all my born days I would never have put this town on the map of places I love to visit, but lo and behold, it is there.

We have had the great fortune to meet and associate with a darling couple that are now listed as some of our good friends. Steve and Linda are 'good people' and we have been guests in their home.

I am finding the older I get, the more I appreciate the value of having good friends, and I marvel that I have been blessed to find and associate with such people.

I used to have the thought process that people 'annoy' me, and to some degree I still harbor this incorrect notion, but meeting people the like of Steve and Linda and Larry and Wilma have led me to believe I have been too hasty.
These dear people have enriched my life and helped me develop a kinder and gentler attitude towards those that I have not had the good fortune to get to know yet.

Maybe I have more of my mother in me then I thought! Go figure!