Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As Seen On TV

Have you ever had an addiction? Well I think that we might have something along those lines under our roof, and No, it is not me.

My dear Mr Darcy has discovered infomercials and periodically I find a new box on the porch put there courtesy of UPS. I always know who to ask about it, My darling Mr Darcy.

It is amazing to me that a man so completely structured with our budget is so free to order from every Tom, Dick or Harry that has a new product to sell. We have a new Ninja Master Prep blender (which is actually quite cool), as well as a new AB Circle Pro (haven't used this yet), and a couple of books came yesterday.

In all fairness, every item really does have a useful purpose for our household, it is just mind boggling to me to see him be so financially human. (It must be said that he would never spend irresponsibly) Who woulda thunk!

How about you! Anyone out there have the same addiction? Have you bought anything from an infomercial that you regretted? Any great purchases that you have never regretted. Share!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where is the Spring in my step?

Spring, where art thou my true and noble friend! I am waiting very impatiently for the warmth of your gentle breezes and the lengthening of your days.

Anyone out there have any suggestions for filling my days as I await the coming of a brand new Spring! I think I may need some chocolate or at the very least a cup of hot chocolate with a white fluffy dollup of whipped cream, or maybe a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream. Come to think of it maybe winter has a few perks!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zippadee Doo Dah , Wonderful day

Hey there everybody! Have you ever been on a zipline before? I did it today and I kept the camera running while I zipped across the tops of the rain forest here in Costa Rica, it was AWESOME! Sorry I got so much of the sky in the picture but I was hanging on and the camera was on it's own.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Here comes Mr Sunshine

Sun, Surf and Sand, what a combination. We have been fortunate enough to take a wonderful all expense paid trip to beautiful Costa Rica and may I just say....if you ever have the chance to go, you should snap it up in a heartbeat. This is truly a tropical paradise.
Mr Darcy and I feel very fortunate to be here with not only beautiful scenery but with some very quality people. Life just keeps getting better doesn't it. Who woulda thought that I would someday find my way to Central America in the dead of winter back home but the height of summer here.
We also passed the temple in San Jose on our way to the resort and all of a sudden it felt like home. Funny how that happens.