Friday, January 30, 2009

This just isn't FAIR

I have often thought about the concept of 'fair'. I frequently hear the comment, 'that isn't fair' (it is usually said by someone under the age of 12 but recently I heard it from someone that is 49, so the phrase is no respecter of age). I have always been confused by the very definition of the word 'fair' and I have come to the conclusion it is not actually a 'definable thing' at all. After all, the very word has a very different meaning to every single person on the planet. Our idea of 'fair' is generally tainted by our own self awareness or absorption and our own experiences. Who is the determiner of 'fair' when dealing with a group, herd or gaggle of people. I am just throwing out a thought that is floating through the wide open spaces I call my mind. Anybody have a concrete thought on this or even a fleeting thought on the subject I would be interested in your take on this non-subject.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm a Ski Bunny......

Last night Mr Darcy and I were invited over to my son and daughter-in-laws home for a terrific dinner and FHE. The meal was so delicious, BBQ ribs, baked potatoes, salad.... anyway after the meal, my son pulled out the WII fit (pronounced we fit) and told me that I needed to try some of the (I don't even know what to call them) experiences that are offered on said machine. Well, My cuz Heidi from Dunhaven Place did a blog about her Wii fit and after reading it, I vowed never to step foot on one. My boy convinced me that it wouldn't moan or groan when I stepped on it and I made him promise that it wouldn't announce my weight or anything so personal. There is a Ski experience on the balance portion of a Wii fit and as I skiied in my youth, (35 years ago), I said I would give it a try. The first time down the mountain I missed 9 gates and it took me forever. I was so embarassed, but only enough to insist that I try again. Well, by the end of the evening I was down to missing only one gate and feeling like I was ready for the Olympics. WAHOO! It was a great fun and the only thing missing was the wind in my face as I shusshed down the mountain. (Oh, reliving the glory days). Joe and Missy, thanks for the wonderful meal the great company, the time with my grandbaby and the walk down memory lane. On my next visit I might just bring my own fan to complete the skiing experience!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What makes YOU laugh?

Okay, here is my concern. I think I may have broken the part in me that makes me laugh out loud. Seriously, I don't know what happened to it. While I must admit I have never been one that does the great big, from the bowels of the deep horselaugh, I still can do a chuckle and depending on the company, a real pants wetting episode of giggles, but lately I have been reading blogs that other commenters state were so funny that they couldn't breathe. And yet here I would sit reading funny stuff and maybe, on a good day, a little smile would find it's way to the front of my face. Now don't misunderstand me, I do feel the warming sensation that comes with a funny tidbit or two and I do feel that sense of well being that accompanies a fine well-written funny grouping of words, I just don't express it openly.
But all is not lost, my dear friend Elaine emailed me an article written by Dave Barry about Colonoscopies and I not only smiled, I laughed right out loud. Oh my! What does that say about me and my tainted sense of humor? Wait, don't answer that, I don't really want to know.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What would your Last Lecture consist of?


If anyone is interested, I think this is a great book! It is an easy read and can be read in an evening.
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It feels stuffy in here!

OK, someone on a blog I like to frequent, asked what people did over their weekend! I was SICK! But I get ahead of myself. It all started on Thursday when we had a bunch of company (8 to be exact) arrive for the weekend. Now I am not usually an entertaining sort and I have never been accused of being an extrovert, but Mr Darcy is, and he and I own a business and these were all business partners that came in for meetings. We feel that since they are coming from out of state, the least we could do is open our home to them. Anyway, they came and let me tell you, they were wonderful company. 3 of them brought their own bedding and one even brought her own rubber gloves to do all my dishes after meals. One made the most wonderful buttermilk pancakes both mornings for breakfast (I mean, can you get better company then that?) Anyway it stresses me out to have to be nice for that long a period of time. (Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but I do worry about being a good hostess the whole time they are there.) Anyway the last of them left about 4 pm Saturday and I started feeling ill right after. I tell you stress does a job on my immune system. So needless to say I spent all Sunday and Monday, and possibly all today in my safe little cocoon, my bedroom. I had to take pictures to show you the state of my side of the room when all I do is lay in bed, read blogs, blow my nose, and look at my picture less scrapbook pages. It really isn't a pretty sight. (I have taken before and after shots so you know I am not usually comfortable in a pigpen.)


So there you have it, that is how my weekend was spent. I will say this, being sick has its upside. You don't really appreciate how good it feels to be well until you get sick.

Disclaimer: Once I no longer feel the entire rocky mountain range has been stuffed up my sinuses I will think entirely different about my wonderful weekend of company. If any of you are reading this, I loved having you, you are always welcome here.
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Let me just say this

My wonderful My Darcy just came in and I read to him my previous post about my fabuloso Christmas Gift and he was afraid that I might be taken as a bragger for flaunting my ever so elegant gift. So I am adding something to apologize if it was taken as such. As I explained to Mr Darcy, I have not posted for a while (thank you Tracie Bug for the gentle nudge) and wanted to share my joy spillage for this amazing yet practical tool brought to me courtesy of my own Mr Darcy!

My Darling Mr Darcy

I really Cleaned Up this year!


Wow! That is all I have to say about the Cadillac of mops and buckets that I received for Christmas. Now I realize that some of you might not be experiencing the euphoria that I did when I fist laid eyes upon my new and improved piece of equipment, but I have wanted one of these babies for years and was too cheap to invest in it. Santa knows just what is needful and necessary to send my little heart in a pitter-patter of delight. I know that coveting is completely wrong and has no place in my heart but everytime I had the opportunity to use the mop at the church my heart would skip a beat. What an awesome tool!
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