Saturday, August 28, 2010

She is really a 10!

We have been traveling around a lot lately,
ya know, with our business, and
we happened across Tuscon and we took
the opportunity to visit with our little niece

It was so wonderful to see her,
sometimes you just need to hug your family.
It was a quick visit but she welcomed us with
open arms and we were loved on and sent
on our way.

What a wonderful plan it was to give us
We are so grateful for the love of family
and friends.
This has been a wonderful trip, but it was
made outstanding by the love and
attention of our darling Niece.

Thanks Ten! We LOVE you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wishing well

I was blog surfing and came across Momza's Wish List post.
It got me to thinkin.....
What would I put on my wish list?

My world is very full
I have everything I need
and a ton of stuff that I want.
You wouldn't think this would be that hard
but it is!

What do I wish for......
What do I wish for .....Hmmmmmm?

Ok, here goes

I wish for ........
* a sauce pan that sits still when it is on the stovetop heating up
(it got warped in one of my, if med heat is good, High must be better
cooking episodes).
* a chance to see my little grand babies everyday (all 10 of them).
* better organizational skills
* better communication skills
* the ability to be nicer to people naturally without having to work at it.
* that 'Sunday Feeling' to last all week.
* a Williams-Sonoma baby food maker for my Daughter-in-law.
* that dead spot in my lawn would go away.
and finally, I wish for world peace.

Man, I better get going, this list could keep me busy all afternoon.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gossip anyone?

I have a darling friend, Jen at Gordon Gossip. As a matter of fact I think of her as my personal assistant. She doesn't know that she is my personal assistant but the fact is she is constantly on the lookout in blog world for wonderful ideas that lighten and brighten my day, makes her just that. I have used many an idea that she has brought to my attention, and while the ideas may not be hers exactly, she is the carrier, and I love it!

It would be a very good idea for any of you out there to visit her blog as she has fabulous taste and apparently she knows how to use her time so wisely she has time to be my personal assistant.

Thanks my dear friend!

Spell check

I just read my post from yesterday about favorite words and realized that I had misspelled the word misspelled, Crazy huh? How do you do that? I mean with spell check and everything, it seems inexcusable (another tough word to spell). But luckily I could just quickly run into edit posts and fix my snafu, oh if only we could do that with life as well. Not that you can't fix your life snafus, it just takes a little more effort. But the rewards are so much greater, so it is worth it, don't you agree?

PS Snafu is another fun word!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I was just reading Momza's blog (hi Momza) and her post for August 2nd stuck in my head, I mean not the subject matter necessarily but one particular word caught my attention and I can't get it out of my head. in, I think I just had an Epiphany! What a great word! I keep saying it over and over in my head...ya when you get a song stuck in your head. This is just a fun word to say and have. I also love the word Sizzix! It is a word that just rolls off your tongue.

I believe that some words were made up just because of the way pronouncing makes you feel. I also love the sound of chocolate ganache (and the taste) and to be perfectly honest, I may have misspelled this particular word, but no matter, I still like the way it sounds.

Words are fun and funny, they can smooth the roughest of waters or create a firestorm the likes you might see in a very dry summer lightning storm.

How about you, do you have a favorite word? Share!