Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wishing well

I was blog surfing and came across Momza's Wish List post.
It got me to thinkin.....
What would I put on my wish list?

My world is very full
I have everything I need
and a ton of stuff that I want.
You wouldn't think this would be that hard
but it is!

What do I wish for......
What do I wish for .....Hmmmmmm?

Ok, here goes

I wish for ........
* a sauce pan that sits still when it is on the stovetop heating up
(it got warped in one of my, if med heat is good, High must be better
cooking episodes).
* a chance to see my little grand babies everyday (all 10 of them).
* better organizational skills
* better communication skills
* the ability to be nicer to people naturally without having to work at it.
* that 'Sunday Feeling' to last all week.
* a Williams-Sonoma baby food maker for my Daughter-in-law.
* that dead spot in my lawn would go away.
and finally, I wish for world peace.

Man, I better get going, this list could keep me busy all afternoon.


nic and krista said...

Mae, you are so sweet. I hope all your wishes come true! I'm so glad we got to come over and visit last week, I hope we get to see you again soon! Love, Krista

Momza said...

That's a sweet list you got there, Sis. Some of your wishes could double as my own!
Has anyone told you today that you are Terrific?!!

K-WilliamsFamily said...

Wishes??? This is something that I would have to give a lot of thought to.

I would say that one of my wishes would be to be able to see your passed loved ones! Wouldn't that be something!

You are a TERRIFIC person!

J+S said...

I think your communication skills are just fine so I think you can check that one off. You seem to be fairly well organized, too. The others I can't really speak to, but I love that you want a baby food maker for your daughter- in-law. You are always thinking of others, and it's just one of the many things we all love about you.


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