Monday, September 27, 2010

My bucket is Full!

Mr Darcy has a bucket list and recently he has been marking off a few things.  Well this past weekend he checked off one more thing, he went to a professional football game in Denver Colorado with our good friends Roger and Judy.  He had a fabulous time and we are so grateful to our friends Fred and Shirley for supplying the tickets. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My women at the Well!

Being socially inept, I find reading people's blogs a very fulfilling and uplifting way of being social in spite of my inabilities.

That being said I want to share with you women that make my life fun and give me uplifting moments all at the same time.

Momza over at Momzas house is a dear friend I have never met. She constantly gives me food for thought and a chuckle a day. I love you Momza!

CJane is another woman I admire and wish to emulate.  She writes beautifully and is not ashamed to put it all out there. She shares deeply personal realizations and that gives me so much tenderness for her sensitive spirit.  Thank you so much Courtney Jane!

Stephanie Nielsen is another AMAZING person I have met through blogdom.  She is the strongest and most inspirational person on the planet.  She lives and loves and shares her gratitude through trials and tribulations and continues to insert laughter and entertainment to the masses.  What a woman, and she has the most beautiful eyes!  Thank you Nie Nie.

Karen is another wonderful, dear, kind, spirit that emulates love and tenderness for her amazing family.  They are obviously the 'light in her life' (as well as Dan the man) and her example lifts and edifies me on a daily basis.  Karen you give me such hope for the future and the present and I can't thank you enough.

Jenifer at Gordon Gossip is nothing short of miraculous.  She carries me along on her travels in the real world as well as in the blog world giving me insights into a much bigger world then I am aware of.  Jenifer you are one of my heros!

My darling niece Tara is a true light for me.  She has spent the bulk of her married life far, far away from the extended family that she loves so madly and yet she has brought a light of truth to those fortunate enough to live close by to her and has strengthened and built the kingdom where ever she has been.  Tenalyn you are amazing and you fill my heart with pride.

My own darling offspring is another amazing talented, crafty young thing that I adore beyond measure and words.  She is a true example to me of what is good and kind in all the world.  Her very presence gives me a sense that there is a supreme being and he loves me very much.  I love you Sissy!

To those I haven't mentioned Yet, I will, so stay tuned.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I want to share the jewels in my crown!  Sigh....They are so GORGEOUS I can't even stand it!  How can I even be so lucky to share my life with these ethereal, angelic creatures?  I look at them and know that my Father in Heaven loves me so much!

Change is good?

Okay, it has been a while since I posted anything and to be honest it has been just as long since I spent much time at all even looking at others blogs.

It has been CRAZY busy in my life this summer and I have spent the bulk of it on the road.  So you can imagine my surprise when I looked at my blog and found that photo bucket (whoever they are) had taken the place of all the cuteness of the blog background I had selected.  So, I have been attempting to change and redecorate my blog and I truly had a moment when I thought I had completely destroyed anything I had written over the past couple of years.  Whew, I was relieved when I accidentally found the old blog and was able to recreate and then change it.

Hopefully all who stop by can now see and read what is here.  Crossing my fingers on that one.