Friday, March 4, 2011

Flying the Friendly Skies

My, how Time Flies!  It has been 2 months since I last posted anything
and I am feeling a bit discombobulated (sorry, I am sure the spelling is bad,
not a word I write all that often)

Travel has been my middle name over the past 58 days,
I think I slept in my own bed a total of 4 days in January.

Some of my time was spent on Leisure, I will confess to that,
but a great amount was also spent on business.
(you know the thing that pays the rent and keeps the lights on)

Fortunately my business gives me opportunity to stretch my mind and
spend time around people.
(Not something, if left to my own devices, I would find myself doing.)
And so I feel quite content with the way I have spent my time,
and also exhausted.

March will give me time to regroup and recuperate as we will be home
at least half the month. I only wish that March weather made the 'staying at
home' part a bit more pleasant.
I shouldn't really complain too loudly as the bulk of my time away was
spent in sunny climates with shirtsleeve temperatures. But don't worry
we spent our share of time in the blustery weather of Colorado and Utah.

I also have been in Spokane Washington where my horizons were broadened
and my mind paradigm was shifted as I learned all about being alkaline and
healthy.  May I say, Our bodies are truly miraculous things and what we do
to them can sometimes be nothing short of criminal.

It truly has been a remarkable 58 days and if only my lovely children and
grandchildren had been within arms reach it would have been a perfect
scenario, but that did make home draw me as a magnetic is drawn to
true north. 

I am hopeful that it will not be another 2 months before posting something
but I am making no promises!