Thursday, November 19, 2009

A dream is a wish your heart makes

Man oh man, the adventures that you can experience when you leave the comfort of hearth and home. We spent the day at Disneyland Tokyo on Wednesday and had such a time. Disneyland does everything up first class, it is an incredible place, but it made me homesick for MY Disneyland, luckily I will be going there in another 4 weeks.

We did have an adventure coming back to the room, we took the wrong train back and we couldn't believe the way that the Japanese commuters cram, and I mean cram themselves into a small space. I wanted to take a picture but I couldn't get my hands free to get to the camera. The picture that I have here was after half of them got off. And to top it all off we were on the wrong train going the wrong direction. The people here are so helpful, even if they don't understand anything we say they go out of their way to get us to the correct destination. It took 3 trains to get back on the correct track and being the navigator I felt very badly about it but all my friends made sure that I understood how much they enjoyed the adventure.
We also had a great time shopping in Asakusa. It was such a wonderful area and the shops were so cute. The picture below was taken looking down all the shops. It did rain the whole time we were out but that didn't dampen our spirits, it was great. I would love to go back and might just do that today. Luckily they had a McDonald's on this little street so Steve took up residency there and waited while I explored all the little shops.
The little shops along one of the streets in Asakusa. Above is the fan shop that I love so much.

One other thing that I have gotten from this trip is a new appreciation for MY country. Believe it or not I am a little homesick for family, friends, home, car and country. I have enjoyed the trip but look forward to coming back home. I guess you just can't take the country out of the girl, can you?

Monday, November 16, 2009

I lost a day

Yippeeee, We have arrived in Tokyo Japan. We left Sunday Morning at 11:34 AM and arrived in Japan on Monday Afternoon at 4:00 PM. We lost most of Monday when we crossed the international dateline but we will gain it back when we return next Monday.

It is rainy today but we don't plan to let that stop us. We are headed out to explore this biggest city in the world. I also plan to make a couple of purchases. I worried about what I could eat here but I had Curry and Rice last night and it didn't bother me too much. I am hoping that is a good sign.

I am excited to be here with my husband and friends and look forward to the Synergy conference later this weekend.

I wanted to take a picture of one of the commodes at the airport but I didn't have my camera with me. The week is not over yet and I plan to get a photo before I come home. These toilets are revolutionary. They wash you and dry you and they even have a button you push that sounds like a toilet flushing to cover any unseemly noises that might come from the stall. Man, they think of everything.

I have included a picture of our little group waiting at the airport at LAX and will post again after we visit with Mickey tomorrow.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am Ruled by Rules

Let me just say at the beginning of this post, I am a rule follower. It is what I do. I am committed to the concept with my whole heart. Mr Darcy on the other hand believes that rules may apply to others but they are simply an inconvenience for him. It is a constant source of gut wrenching to me, to see him so casually ignore a rule as if it didn't exist.

And so it is understandable that just when I think I have at least one thing figured out in my life, the rules seem to change and I am thrown into a dither.

Rule #1 -- I H.A.T.E Shopping. I know this contradicts everything people think about woman, but I hate it. It makes me so tired and bored and it gives me a backache.

Now, here is where the rule changes. Yesterday, I spent the day with my dear sis and my darling niece Lin-rock. Lindsay had decided to make a spur of the moment decision to jump in a car and come up to visit her two favorite aunts for the weekend (that is something you can do when you are 19, footloose and fancy free, with nothing tying you down). So we wanted to show her a good time, and Lindsay LOVES to shop, so we took her to the mall (aaarrrrggggghhhhh, I hate shopping, did I mention that?). Well, we spent several hours there, and guess what people, I had a fabulous time, me...... shopping......who knew that was even possible for me. I not only had a good time, I bought something spur of the moment like, without prior thought or planning. A pair of shoes no less. And guess what, I LOVE them. I mean, seriously people, do you know how long it has been since I bought a pair of shoes on a whim, without prior planning, and LOVED them. I do not believe it has evah happened.

Here is a picture of my purchase, aren't they PRETTY. They are a lovely bronze color and I believe that is my new favorite color.

So let that be a lesson to you all, maybe Mr Darcy is right about this.......nah, this was just a fluke of nature.

How about you, are you a ME or a MR DARCY when it comes to rules? Just curious.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tis the Season

OK, it is time to move past my guilt riddled post and put up something that I hope will be fun to look at.

My dearest daughter 'Sissy' has put together a group of women who meet up once a month and do a little scrapbook project. I enjoy this immensely as I get to spend time with some amazing woman and create something cute . The way we do this is each month one of us is the hostess and we create a 2 page spread (sometimes this is the hardest part of hostessing, coming up with a project) and then have everything ready for the others to come, sit down and get busy.

Well, this month it is my turn to host our evening out and I racked my brain for a clever fun idea. I have said before in previous posts, that I am a copier, I do great work when I can just copy someone else's creative juices and so that is just what I did (thank you Karen ).

For my evening I decided to make Christmas Cards instead of the 2-page spread and I wanted to share them with you, mainly because I am proud of them. I love them, I hope you will too.

In all fairness if you don't like the cards you have seen, I did take some creative license, I copied the main idea and then added my own embellishments, you know, change a little here and a little there, so if you don't like them, don't blame my scrapbook mentor Karen.

I am ready to go, and I am excited about the evening. I will have to let you know how it goes and if it is a success, but either way I am ready and organized for the big day as you can see by my box below (believe it or not this is my way of organizing).

Monday, November 2, 2009

Guilt, Thy name is Mother

Have you ever felt just a 'day late and a dollar short?' Well that is how I feel... generally speaking. For example, If there are several lanes in the grocery store check-out and I pick one of said is a given that I always pick the slow lane. (Sometimes I want to apologize to those that are in line around me and explain they are NOW standing in the slow lane.) But to get to the meat of this post...

I came into blogdom rather late in the life of blogmania, I created my blog because my daughter had one (I know what you are thinking...I am too old to succumb to peer pressure) and I thought it was an easy, free way to communicate with her, but apparently blogging has a short life span as she no longer posts.... at all...about anything. And thus I am left in my lone corner of the world...alone...sigh.. sniff. (After writing this I must make an addendum to the above statement, I love all my blog friends that consistently write and keep me entertained on a daily basis... this post is NOT directed at you!)

So as you can see my daughter's blogging flame is short-lived. She had a glorious run while it lasted and I must comfort myself with memories of what once was. Of entertaining moments of whimsy and reality mixed in an easy reading, easy flowing pattern of gentle entertainment that lifted my spirits and brought a smile to this old mom's lips.

Thanks for the Memories!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


May I introduce you to the most perfect little being on the planet.
This is my latest little muffin grandbaby, isn't she just edible.
She is perfection in a beautiful wrapping.

I love you my darling granddaughter!