Monday, March 30, 2009

What a difference 48 hours can make

Well, for those that have given up on ever seeing an update on this particular blog, Surprise! I have been a little busy and gone and let's face it I just wasn't dedicated to the blog thing the past 6 weeks, so now I actually felt the blog vibe and wanted to put my thoughts down once again.

We just returned from a trip to Phoenix AZ where we were basking in 80 degree temps and gazing upon waving palm trees while strolling under very fragrant and overloaded citrus fruit trees , ah paradise..... as you can see

Only to return to this which was taken from my back door this morning.....

For heavens sake, what is the deal?
I really thought we were on the way to spring.

Now before you common sense people start your mantra of "but we need the water, we are in the middle of a drought' I do understand that, but why, oh why, can't it stay in the natural water tank we love to call the mountains that surround us. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHH
I have been so looking forward to spring and then possibly to summer. Oh well, there is a moral to this story.....and that is, Never, ever go to Phoenix when there is even the remotest of chances that it may snow again back home.