Monday, March 30, 2009

What a difference 48 hours can make

Well, for those that have given up on ever seeing an update on this particular blog, Surprise! I have been a little busy and gone and let's face it I just wasn't dedicated to the blog thing the past 6 weeks, so now I actually felt the blog vibe and wanted to put my thoughts down once again.

We just returned from a trip to Phoenix AZ where we were basking in 80 degree temps and gazing upon waving palm trees while strolling under very fragrant and overloaded citrus fruit trees , ah paradise..... as you can see

Only to return to this which was taken from my back door this morning.....

For heavens sake, what is the deal?
I really thought we were on the way to spring.

Now before you common sense people start your mantra of "but we need the water, we are in the middle of a drought' I do understand that, but why, oh why, can't it stay in the natural water tank we love to call the mountains that surround us. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHH
I have been so looking forward to spring and then possibly to summer. Oh well, there is a moral to this story.....and that is, Never, ever go to Phoenix when there is even the remotest of chances that it may snow again back home.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Blogging through the winter has really opened my eyes to how frickin' lucky I am to live in the SF Bay Area! I just couldn't handle that (in fact, that's why I left CO after one winter). (I lied, that's not why, but that was the reason I was glad).

Momza said...

Oh how happy I am that you are back in the blogosphere!
And if you're up for it, I'll be glad to count you IN for the gift of all gifts!
Let me know. And yes, I've lived in Phx., AZ...for 8 years. Every summer I lived there, I swore it would be my last! I'll take snow over blistery heat anyday!
Glad you're home safely.

Andrea - said...

Amen! I've missed you Roxanne. Glad you are back!

dancing is just me said...

yeah grandma you are finally doing your blog again! oh and sounded really fun.:)

Tara said...

o.k. auntie, why didn't you call when you were so close? I know you are busy with business and stuff, but when I read you were so close, I almost shed a tear that I didn't get to see you.

Note to self: When so close to my favorite neice, call her and she will drive to wherever I am and give me a hug.

See, now isn't that motivation. :)
Sorry about the snow. It looks beautiful though.
love you,

Tara said...

oh by the way, welcome back!