Friday, January 30, 2009

This just isn't FAIR

I have often thought about the concept of 'fair'. I frequently hear the comment, 'that isn't fair' (it is usually said by someone under the age of 12 but recently I heard it from someone that is 49, so the phrase is no respecter of age). I have always been confused by the very definition of the word 'fair' and I have come to the conclusion it is not actually a 'definable thing' at all. After all, the very word has a very different meaning to every single person on the planet. Our idea of 'fair' is generally tainted by our own self awareness or absorption and our own experiences. Who is the determiner of 'fair' when dealing with a group, herd or gaggle of people. I am just throwing out a thought that is floating through the wide open spaces I call my mind. Anybody have a concrete thought on this or even a fleeting thought on the subject I would be interested in your take on this non-subject.


Momza said...

Fair is a state of mind OR is that a State Fair where you pay $5 for a 2 minute ride? Either way, it seems to be about expectations being met or un-met, ya think?

Tara said...

I do believe that "fair" is in the eye of the beholder. I mean if I have 5 dimes and you only have 3, does that make it unfair, maybe you like only having 3 dimes, maybe I hate having 5, and maybe we both just wish we had a dollar instead.
Yeah, I don't know about "fair". It's kind of like a Seinfeld episode, a show about nothing, but yet it is funny and intrigueing none the less.

J+S said...

You are so correct that our concept of what fair means varies greatly from person to person. That being said, the sooner we learn that life isn't "fair" no matter our definition, the better off we will be. Moaning because it's not fair never got me anywhere...and I daresay it doesn't get most people anywhere, either.

Heidi Ashworth said...

"Fair" is so meaningless one has to wonder why the word exists. However, it is useful when dealing with the law. In other words, when applied to something that is concretely and universally defined, such as the law of the land, it is applicable. Trying to apply it to anything else, well, it just doesn't stick.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

For me "fair" is the state of things against a standard of how things should be. And since my standards are very subjective, and self-centered, I consider things that don't make me happy "unfair". Which tells me I most likely make judgments about people and things that are very off the mark. I'm glad you posted something to make me think of that.

Super Angie said...

Oh man...yeah...well...hmmm.. lol

Its all a matter of perspective. Like, the person who wants to have a baby and has been trying for 5 yrs to get pregnant. When she hears someone say, "Oh man...we have been trying now for 3 months and its just awful" she may want to laugh or roll her eyes...but she needs to realize that to that person, 3 months is the same as waiting 5 hurts just the same.

I think our society is mixed up in all this too...sad world.

But YOU are fabulous, so just keep being you! :)

Momza said...

Okay are you on vacation in the south pacific somewhere or off being a granma to your granbabies?

Wherever you are, I miss your posts! Come back soon.

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