Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It feels stuffy in here!

OK, someone on a blog I like to frequent, asked what people did over their weekend! I was SICK! But I get ahead of myself. It all started on Thursday when we had a bunch of company (8 to be exact) arrive for the weekend. Now I am not usually an entertaining sort and I have never been accused of being an extrovert, but Mr Darcy is, and he and I own a business and these were all business partners that came in for meetings. We feel that since they are coming from out of state, the least we could do is open our home to them. Anyway, they came and let me tell you, they were wonderful company. 3 of them brought their own bedding and one even brought her own rubber gloves to do all my dishes after meals. One made the most wonderful buttermilk pancakes both mornings for breakfast (I mean, can you get better company then that?) Anyway it stresses me out to have to be nice for that long a period of time. (Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but I do worry about being a good hostess the whole time they are there.) Anyway the last of them left about 4 pm Saturday and I started feeling ill right after. I tell you stress does a job on my immune system. So needless to say I spent all Sunday and Monday, and possibly all today in my safe little cocoon, my bedroom. I had to take pictures to show you the state of my side of the room when all I do is lay in bed, read blogs, blow my nose, and look at my picture less scrapbook pages. It really isn't a pretty sight. (I have taken before and after shots so you know I am not usually comfortable in a pigpen.)


So there you have it, that is how my weekend was spent. I will say this, being sick has its upside. You don't really appreciate how good it feels to be well until you get sick.

Disclaimer: Once I no longer feel the entire rocky mountain range has been stuffed up my sinuses I will think entirely different about my wonderful weekend of company. If any of you are reading this, I loved having you, you are always welcome here.
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Deedee said...

Oh, Rox....I'm so sorry you were sick and I didn't even know. I tried to reach you on both phones Saturday night but no one answered....I wondered if you left with your company......I love you ...so sorry you've been sick!

Heidi Ashworth said...

You have a very pretty room and love the crown!

Steve Seely said...

Thanks Heidi,
The crown is the reminder to the Mr that I am the Queen of the castle.
Thanks for visiting

Momza said...

Oh how I LOVE that you took pictures of your side of the bed when you are sick! It could've been MY own side of the bed when I am in a similar state!
But what I am really fixated on is the CROWN on your bedpost!
Are YOU the Queen of Everything that I've heard tell about??
Yea for you!
And I hope you're feeling so much better!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I know I should ask you if you're completely recovered, but I am fixated on the crown :-) For some reason I am reminded of The Emperor's New Clothes. Must be because the bedroom reminds me of a dressing room. I apologize for my sick mind. Please still be my friend :-)