Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fourth time is the charm

Today I am happy!
I don't really have a particular reason for this feeling,
only that I feel truly grateful.
Funny how that happens,
gratitude makes me happy.

I also am learning lessons, hard fought for lessons
that will make me be a better person if I allow the lesson to sink deep into my heart.
I have had the opportunity to learn this particular lesson 4 times now, and maybe,.... just maybe I will
experience a lightbulb moment and I will finally understand and move past this particular lesson
on to the next one.
It is amazing how that works.

But for today, right now, I am grateful to be given a fourth chance to gain insight,
insight that will help me along the way and propel me upwards along my journey.
For that is my goal, that is my choice.
I pray to be up to the challenge, and I pray with gratitude just to be given the chance.


Momza said...

Oh how grateful I am for "do-overs"...I need them so much as I strive to become the woman I want to become. May this familiar journey end in resolution and joy for you!

Heidi said...

Have you been called to be the RS pres again?

Manohar singh Akeli'B' said...

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ivan koki said...

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