Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Graduation

We (my parents and I) went down to St George for a very quick overnight trip to attend Lindsay's Graduation from High School. We had a great time in that very quick 24 hours. We were so very proud of Lindsay and had a great time celebrating with her and her family. They were very gracious hosts and took everyone to Olive Garden after the graduation ceremony. Lindsay then went to Senior night at the High School where the parents of the graduates put on a not-to-be-believed Indiana Jones all night extravaganza. It was so incredible and Lindsay had a great time coming in at about 5 am. We are so grateful for the wonderful family we have been blessed with. Kudos to you Lindsay!

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Tara said...

Yeah Lindsay!! Auntie, you are so good to go and support everyone. Thanks from all of us who couldn't go.
hugs and kisses