Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

Have you ever been so very tired that it seems staying awake is more difficult then say lifting an elephant over your head? Well that is me now, and yet here I sit typing. The more I try to sleep the more I create this anxiety that I am not sleeping. I keep saying to myself, "go to sleep, you will be sorry when 10:00 am rolls around" and the more I think it, the harder it is to sleep.
There is a reason for my complete lack of energy. You see my hubby has been putting in not 1, but 2 yards around a couple of investment houses we own in a neighboring community. I have been helping him the past couple of mornings and it has taken it's toll on my very lax and lazy body. I have been moving rocks and laying landscape fabric. My husband has never been one to do only the obligatory sod and a couple of trees in only the front yard, which the neighborhood covenants command, oh no, we must not only sod but add a sprinkler system and shrubbery and curbing and rocks (both large and small) over landscape fabric on 2 complete yards, front and back.
It was bad enough when he was doing all the work and I never saw him, now I have been enlisted in this volunteer one man's army (at least I get to see him now). I do have to admit that it looks so nice as things are starting to shape up, that is when I can straighten my aching back to look at it from an upright position.
Oh dear, it looks like duty calls and it is time to once again don the shackles and head into the world of sun and blowing dirt and heavy, heavy rocks (boys are you feeling sorry for your old mom yet?) and get over to the houses before the sun is too high in the sky. ( at this point I must say I do not understand you sun worshippers who intentionally spend hours out in the very intense and draining rays of that golden orb, are you nuts? but that is another blog) I will report back when I drag my aching body back home, that is if I can uncurl my fingers.

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lvs2dance said...

It is lookin good! My yard is on the waiting list for when you are done with those! Mom you are a trooper!