Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There Has To Be An Easier Way To Stay Cool

Jenny and Chris
Steve and Me
Steve with the grandbabies
Chris and Faisal getting to the Grotto
12 years and 4 kids later
Chris heading into the pool ( the girl in the suit is not with us)

I don't know if everyone feels the way I do about the heat, I Don't Like It! I know, I know, I complained incessantly about the cold and longed for the dog days of summer but I AM SWELTERING. It doesn't help that I am at the age that my physical thermastat is completely out of whack (I swear I could heat a small village in Siberia all by myself). So to help alleviate the heat my dear Son-In-Law Christopher invited Steve and I to join his family for FHE last night. It was a very sweet re-enactment of Jenny and Chris' engagement (except this time the in-laws, 4 kids and a cousin tagged along). We stopped at Zubs for sandwiches just like they had on that starstruck night 12 years ago and then headed up Payson canyon to a little spot known as 'The Grotto". There was a little hike once we parked the car and I admit my breathing at a point or two was becoming a bit labored but really it wasn't too bad. Once we arrived I was very delighted with the sight. A waterfall was falling in a pond surrounded by rock walls, it was enchanting. We snapped some photos and just enjoyed the coolness of the moment and then my dear Son-In-Law started walking into said pond and just kept walking until he was completely under the waterfall. Now mind you, he was not in a swimming suit but in the clothes that he wore up there and would have to wear back. I couldn't believe it but the pictures testify to the facts. We were then just as stunned when my 10 year old granddaughter did the same thing with the encouragement of her dad. What silly, silly kids. It was a wonderful evening except for the fact that Sienna and Chris were freezing all the way home. We were hesitant to use the air conditioner for the rest of us (you know the ones with common sense) so it was a hot ride home for some and very cold for others as we did open the car windows. I loved the whole adventure and I also love the fact that my dear Chris would invite the old in-laws along to enjoy the adventure. Thanks Chris, you are our favorite (and only) Son-In-Law.


nic and krista said...

looks like fun, we wish we could have been there.

lvs2dance said...

YES...that would be my CRAZY hubby and child. They definetly don't get that from me!!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Too funny! Loved the pics!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Hey, you, I just found you on LDS Bloggers--how cool is that?