Thursday, July 31, 2008

Too much Information

OK, I am just a little freaked out right now. I am what some might call a voluntary introvert. I like being socially inept, people in general make me a little crazy and I find them irritating. (this probably says more about me then about them.) So, how is it I find myself waiting on company to come, not just for the evening mind you, but for an overnight stay. And I don't know that I know them. Steve insists that I do but nothing is coming to my memory. I have been running around the house cleaning and changing sheets and doing dishes, (man, I make it sound like my house is a pig sty, which it isn't as bad as it could be). To top it all off Steve isn't even home and I will have to play hostess all by myself, oh hurrah Steve just called and he is on his way home. Whew, dodged a bullet there. Any way I know that everything will turn out fine as Steve is the host with the most and I am a pretty good actress. (people actually think I am nice and social). I will check back to report on the success of my hostessing. Anyone out there that is a natural born Martha Stewart I am open to suggestions about becoming more socially prepared.


Marivic said...

Good luck. I won't be much help. I'm just as bad :-) Maybe worse. I know you're busy hostessing so I won't bug you but just in case my previous message was vague. I wasn't "stalking" you about the Jane Austen quiz :-) I was passing on an award to you. You can enjoy when you're done entertaining your company. Have fun!!!!

nic and krista said...

Mae, I'm sure you'll be a great hostess. And if the people are weird and can't carry on a conversation and the air is filled with that awkward silence...just pretend to be sick and excuse yourself :o) hehe, have fun!

Tara said...

Oh auntie you are much to hard on yourself. You are wonderful with people and you are a great hostess. In fact you are the hostess with the mostess!!
And thanks for the link to the Austen quiz, I took it and think it's pretty a- okay.
Love you!

Bri and the Gregster said...

What??? You've always been very social to me... maybe you just like me the most! and how horrible I brought a million people that drive you crazy to your house! you really should win an award for your acting because you had me completely fooled! and i feel like i know you well, so i dont think any one who doesn't know you well would notice! you want to know my secret! i'm also semi anti-social... and am always a wreck before people come to stay! i'd rather just hide and have them stay at a hotel! but i guess in the end it always ends up ok!!! i'm very happy that you ended up having a good ending!!!!