Friday, August 1, 2008

I found the Secret

Well, it is done. I had my company come I entertained them and fed them and sent them on their way, and I think I did just fine. The company was a wonderful little family that I actually had never met but Steve has done business with them over the phone. They were wonderful and very kind and had very well behaved children. I liked them quite a bit. I worry so about entertaining and being social but I found the secret, I should only invite those people that are kind and wonderful and it turns out swimmingly. (whew..what a relief to finally figure out the art of hostessing, it does not have to do with the host but with the guests). So if you are wonderful and Kind you have a standing invitation to come and stay at my house.


Deedee said...

Roxanne, You don't give yourself enough credit for having great hostessing skills. Just because it is uncomfortable doesn't mean you can't do it and do it very well!!
I'm very proud of this latest accomplishment.....Love Deedee

Tara said...

Well then, I guess we will be right over. :) haha.
My kids aren't the most well behaved, but they sure are cute and funny, which should count for something.
Congrats on making it through.
Love ya.

nic and krista said...

I'm glad you liked your guests, I can imagine you did a wonderful job at hosting them!

lvs2dance said...

mother, you need to cut yourself some slack...everyone who is ever around you has an enjoyable time! Especially me!!!