Friday, December 12, 2008

A Picture is Worth 10,000 Words

I just love my little Family! Sometimes it just amazes me that I have been blessed with the best, the brightest and of course the most beeutiful posterity anyone could ever ask for! What a wonderful thing it is to have family and be able to surround yourself with their smiling faces all around the house. I have to thank each one of my dear family both born and adopted through marriage for making the picture taking session possible, oh and to Suzanna, our awesome photographer, you worked with all of us and made us look so goooood!
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Heidi Ashworth said...

Love the picture, but just one????? Can you post more?

Tara said...

Wow, the picture turned out amazing. I am totally with Heidi, where are the rest?!
I love you auntie!!

Tammy said...

The picture is great!!! I love it!!!

lobe's world said...

It must be happy to have such a big family and so many lovely kids.
It makes me looking forward to building a family soon!