Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is My Day

Today is my Birthday and it has been a wonderful celebration. It started out with multiple phone calls from those that I love and hold so dear. Then my dearest Husband took me out to breakfast. It was not only filling but delicious, I had a Western Omelet. After breakfast we went on a motorcycle ride around the Alpine Loop. We did this a couple of years ago on my 50th birthday and I loved it! We stopped at Sundance and rode the ski lift up to the top of the mountain and back down. What incredible views. Then we came back down through Provo canyon. I spent a couple of hours scrapbooking and took a quick nap before heading up to Texas Roadhouse for the best Ribs you will find anywhere. We then spent time out in the yard watering and enjoying the evening and then I found myself back inside posting to my blog. I do have a birthday cake sitting here staring at me but I am just too full to have any, this way my birthday can last as long as there is cake.

A new way to travel

A great thing has occured at the Seely household. I actually mowed the lawn last night, SITTING DOWN. You read that correctly, I was sitting on my backside giving the lawn a quick trim. All this was due to the generosity of my father-in-law who gave my husband a riding lawn mower for fathers day. When I was first made aware of this very generous gift I was a little bit befuddled and commented that I didn't understand. I am sure I seemed like a bit of a dolt but my confusion can be explained with only one sentence, My hubby doesn't mow the lawn, ever. Ok I can maybe count on one hand the number of times in the past 34 years that he has done it, (I am not saying that he is lazy, far from it, I just happen to like to mow and he doesn't, so hence, this is our arrangement). So the fact that he was given such a wonderful gift had me temporarily confused, but once I realized the windfall that it would be to me personally I became overly excited. The first run was just a tad rocky and a pot that I had planted a tomato plant in was the first (and hopefully only) victim to my learning curve. I have included a picture of said plant in its new home and you can see it is none the worse for wear. I then reduced my speed and tried to maneuver the mower in a much more responsible manner. I have never had such a good time mowing. I kept screeching, "this is awesome" at the top of my lungs. Who knows if I could be heard over the drone of the mower but truly I didn't care. I just had to share this amazing new development with anyone that cares to read this blog, and in so doing I hope that your day will seem just as bright as mine feels.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My New Background

Just a question, How do you feel about my new background? I love plaids and the colors Blue and Green, so it feels like it was just made for me. I am just curious to know what the rest of blog world things about it (not that it will change my love for this background). So if anyone feels so inclined, let me hear your comments both good and bad ( I think I am secure enough to handle them). It will be interesting to know how it affects the masses.

No Rest for the Weary

Have you ever been so very tired that it seems staying awake is more difficult then say lifting an elephant over your head? Well that is me now, and yet here I sit typing. The more I try to sleep the more I create this anxiety that I am not sleeping. I keep saying to myself, "go to sleep, you will be sorry when 10:00 am rolls around" and the more I think it, the harder it is to sleep.
There is a reason for my complete lack of energy. You see my hubby has been putting in not 1, but 2 yards around a couple of investment houses we own in a neighboring community. I have been helping him the past couple of mornings and it has taken it's toll on my very lax and lazy body. I have been moving rocks and laying landscape fabric. My husband has never been one to do only the obligatory sod and a couple of trees in only the front yard, which the neighborhood covenants command, oh no, we must not only sod but add a sprinkler system and shrubbery and curbing and rocks (both large and small) over landscape fabric on 2 complete yards, front and back.
It was bad enough when he was doing all the work and I never saw him, now I have been enlisted in this volunteer one man's army (at least I get to see him now). I do have to admit that it looks so nice as things are starting to shape up, that is when I can straighten my aching back to look at it from an upright position.
Oh dear, it looks like duty calls and it is time to once again don the shackles and head into the world of sun and blowing dirt and heavy, heavy rocks (boys are you feeling sorry for your old mom yet?) and get over to the houses before the sun is too high in the sky. ( at this point I must say I do not understand you sun worshippers who intentionally spend hours out in the very intense and draining rays of that golden orb, are you nuts? but that is another blog) I will report back when I drag my aching body back home, that is if I can uncurl my fingers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thanks for the Ramblings

Just taking a minute to let you all know that you are wonderful. The people that share my life even if it is just a quick passing in and out make it worth getting up in the morning. If you are reading this, you matter to me and I want you to have the best that life has to offer you. I find it interesting that people I have never met and probably never will meet might read my many ramblings, but as my daughter pointed out, she has many wonderful friends that she has never met. I am grateful for that possibility. My days are more colorful because you are all there willing to share with me your own ramblings, so, Thanks, you are appreciated for who you are and what you do.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our family has grown by two feet

Hip Hip Hooray, it's another Birthday. He is finally here, our little Tyler and grandbaby number 8. whew, that was truly exhausting. Seriously though, I have never had the experience of being at the birth of a baby except for my own and Joe and Missy generously gave me that opportunity. May I say that I have never seen so much courage and strength as our little Missy exhibited. It was a seriously difficult birth and she did it not only with strength and courage but with a grace that I seldom see in every day life let alone when one is laboring hard to get an 8 pound baby out. We are so very very grateful that both mother and baby are doing very well.

Monday, June 16, 2008

This is what the fashionable sick person is wearing when one doesn't want to infect those around them. The neutral color makes it possible to mix and match with any outfit.

Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I last posted and I have been nagged, I mean encouraged to add something to the blog, so here goes. I was a little under the weather and therefore felt no need to update but I am glad to say I am on the mend and feel more energy every day. Lucky for me as we have had a packed month. We were so fortunate to have Nic and Krista come up to bless our little Adelaide. I was so proud of my son and the job he did. He and Krista are the best parents to their little one. We also had a baby shower for Missy and Tyler and as of this minute, June 16Th he has still not made his appearance, we are waiting patiently. I also had a service auction for enrichment last Saturday in our backyard and we had a blast. I have never attended one before but I actually had a wonderful time and got to know a lot about the ladies in our ward. If you haven't had one, I would encourage you to try it. I was privileged to go to my little Sienna and Taelynn's dance recital, and I believe they are the most talented kids on the block, they are also dang cute to boot. Then for Father's day we had all the wonderful fathers in our lives over for a dinner and had a lot of food and even more great company. Thanks to everyone that participated and made it so successful. We are so blessed and I am grateful to all my many friends and family that make my life so rich, especially you my dearest hubby, I love you!