Friday, April 17, 2009

Is anyone OUT there?

Ok, There seems to be a new trend running through the world of blogdom to have guest hosts on your particular blog. Well, having given this much belabored thought, I opted to ask someone that is not really a regular on my blog but has made occasional haphazard attempts on my blog within the past couple of months, to fill in for me as I am out of town more often then I am in.

That special guest host, would be ME!
I think that my irregular blogging habits qualify me as my own guest host.

Now having said that, I wanted to comment about this trend of guest hosting that has been running rampant amongst those of us here in blogdom. I find it fascinating that people have time to not only write on their own blogs but share thought, wit, and wisdom on someone elses blog. Please understand I am not being at all critical of those multitasking bloggers, I just find it amazing that I don't have the brain cells functioning to fill my own posts and yet they can fill theirs and others also. It's a quandry for me, I tell ya!

But I digress, I have enjoyed those guests posts that I read, but in a way I am also disappointed at not being able to read the thought and prose of the very ones that I have logged on to read. I do miss the witisicms (I don't know if that's a word) of the characters I have come to love.

Anywho, to those of you out there that embrace this habit of guest hosting, I say kudos to you and I can't wait for you to come back!


Momza said...

YEA! You're BACK!!! Come back tomorrow too! We've missed you!!!
And as for the guest-blogging thig...I just copy & paste a few previous posts and let the Blog Owner choose which one they want to use. So, I'm with you, I haven't the brains to figure out more than I already do! ;-)I'm still in shock that anyone would want me to be a guest blogger person!

Momza said...

So glad you're enjoying this weather! Hard to believe it was so snowy all weekend...but hey, Mother Nature knew you were on the way, so she cleared things up for you!
I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family here!!
If you have a chance to meet for lunch Wednesday, let me know!