Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Isn't she lovely!

This is my beautiful daughter 'Sissy', this is a blurry picture of her and still you can see she is a beauty. She doesn't really look like me or her father. She is glorious!

This is my daughter's amazing family! I do not have the vocabulary to do them justice with just words! They transcend all descriptions. I am very blessed!

This girl has the most tender and loving heart, her brothers are very fortunate as she loves their little ones as her own and cares for them whenever asked!

This girl has a creative side to her that allows her to bring joy to others lives. She has a gift!

This girl puts countless hours into her family, her friends, her commitments to others. She has given other people's daughters a safe haven and increased their self-confidence ten fold helping them develop their talents!

This girl has endured hardships that most of us couldn't comprehend, taken many direct hits to protect the unprotected, cared for those that needed her compassion. This girl has the heart of a Warrior!

This girl loves her Father in Heaven and gives him her all, she trains her children to love him too.
This girl is my Hero!

One of my greatest hopes is to be worthy to have the title of 'her mom'. I am greatly blessed to have her be in my life and part of me. She is a huge reason why I KNOW my Heavenly Father loves me! He gave me her!


Karen said...

What a lovely tribute. I join you in thinking she is a beautiful and amazing girl. I am honored to call you both my friends. Thanks for being a very fun part of my life.

lvs2dance said...

What kind of amazing person does such a sweet thing for someone else???? MY MOM, that's who! I love you mom, you are one of my bestest friends and I would be so lost in this world without you. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it!? I learned everything from you! BTW-I really hate that first picture....it has kind of an alien-esque quality about it...ugh. I do love the family one though. I think that I will copy it.
Thanks for being the best mom around! I love you!
Your Sissy

Ryan said...

When are you writing one for Joe? He feels unloved right now.

Heidi Ashworth said...

She really is beautiful and I can't wait to meet all of them this weekend! Woo hoo!

Deedee said...

Now that was a great tribute to a worthy daughter...she's all that and more. I really love Sissy too!! I have one of those incredible daughters as well....but then you know that!!! Aren't we lucky Moms?