Monday, July 27, 2009

Renewed Hope

Just when I am prepared to throw my hands in the air and bury my head in the sand to avoid seeing the state of the youth around me, and the lack of ambition of their parents, my darling little Granddaughter gets up her gumption and starts her own company. You heard me correctly. She and a couple of her friends have started a sewing class and have found the skill much to their liking so she and said friends have started up 'Sparkle Sewing'. They will be manufacturing bags, skirts, aprons and pillows and I just can't wait to see what their little imaginations come up with next.

People, my granddaughter is 11!!!! She doesn't let the state of the economy stop her or the weather or the lack of skills in building a business, she just goes ahead and does it.

Man, she could really teach something to a lot of people out there moaning and groaning about the state they find themselves in. Please I mean no offense to those out there that are...well...moaning and groaning, all I am saying is take a lesson from these girls. Some of the greatest things that have happened in business have happened during hard economic times. but I digress...
This is a post about the amazing creativity, ingenuity, belief and genius that is my granddaughter, my little Si-Si you are truly AMAZING! Here is their blog, take a look and be amazed.


Andrea - said...

ahhhhh! ohhhhh! that is so cool! (no moaning here) :) Hope you are doing absolutely mahhhhvalous!

Tara said...

Si-si is truly amazing. But what is the most amazing is that she is 11, oh my goodness time does fly.
She also is looking totally awesome in the shorts you got for her!!