Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To Eat or Not To Eat

Have I told you out there in bloggyland about my curse? Oh really, I haven't? Well fasten your seatbelts because here I go.
I have the curse of having a gluten sensitivity.
Can you even believe that, a gluten sensitivity.
That is ridiculous isn't it? I know it is the 'trendy' disease of the decade but to be honest, I have had this for the past two decades or so, so maybe you could say I started the trend. On second thought, I don't want to be held responsible for this disgusting disease. You don't really realize how much out there in the world is consumed and saturated by gluten. I know what some of you are thinking, what is the big deal, well I guess it really isn't a big deal if you don't have any tastebuds for a tasty piece of homemade bread straight from the oven, or a wonderful cinnamon roll dripping with the sweetness of lovely fluffy buttercream icing. And to be honest I don't have a strong craving for most bread products but dang if I don't have a hankerin' for a piece of scrumptious cake or a sugar cookie with pink icing or even a belgian waffle covered with strawberries and real whipped cream. (sob!)

Okay, now I have vented and caused you to see a side of me that is rather unattractive, and for that I profoundly apologize. Believe it or not I don't make other people aware of this malady but today I woke up rather swollen around the eyes and it is hard to hide this from the masses, so I VENTED!
Now that I have gotten that out of my system, I will move on and look for something to eat. I have suddenly become hungry!


Karen said...

I like you with swollen eyes and gluten sensitivity or without. Having 2 kids with Celiac I totally understand your frustration. I don't know how you do it. I am a bread/pasta/pastry freak and am not sure I could live without them. See you tonight, with or without swollen eyes.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I have been off wheat the whole time I have been home from Utah but yesterday I had some--I'm sick, you know? And then I didn't sleep very good. Nuts!

Momza said...

hey Roxanne,
Will u send me your address so I may send my gift to you?


Karen said...

I just left you a little award over on my blog. Check it out (www.karenpedersen.blogspot.com)

Tara said...

ohhh, that nasty gluten. Have my mom make you the gluten free chocolate cake. I think you will be rather delited and find that your taste buds are more than sastified, to the fullest degree.
love you