Saturday, May 2, 2009

You are my Son-shine

This is my son! He is exceptional on so many levels. He is an extraordinary husband and a truly loving father!

He has many struggles that he has worked hard to overcome. He is a Hero of mine!

He works hard to support his family and has given them a most comfortable home. I always feel welcome whenever I am there and love the feeling of family it emits.

He is a true friend to all that know him. I respect him so for his loyalty.

He plays games of all kinds, Football being his passion but he is just as adept at Settlers of Catan. He is a crack-up and a jokester.

His smile is radiant and his laughter brings the warmth of the sunshine into a room. This sound takes away all dark shadows that may lurk around any corners of my mind and it gives me peace.

He is my rock in times of turmoil, and my comfort in times of trial. I love that I have a son that will come whenever I am in need!

He has a testimony of the Gospel and teaches his children correct principles, Oh how grateful I am for his strength and his commitment.

He is just at home playing a full contact sport as he is comforting and cradling one of his beautiful sons. His compassion for these little ones overwhelms me.

I cherish this son of mine and thank my Father in Heaven for the spirit that I call my Ry-boy.
I Love you Son!


Heidi Ashworth said...

I didn't get to meet him when I was there, did I?

Momza said...

Successful parenting right there--when we love the adults our children turn into!! that's the goal isn't it?!!
Well done, Momma!

amyseely2003 said...

I couldn't agree more! He is the BEST!!!!!!!!!! And I'm the lucky one who snagged him up! Thanks for teaching him so well, Mu. Love you!

Ryan said...

Successful Parenting???

It took a real stand up guy to end up like I did!

You give me lemons and I will make anything you want. Beer or Cool-Aid. Anything.

joe_missy said...

Gay is all I can say... HE IS GAY