Sunday, November 21, 2010

Change is Good?

We are making a few changes around our house, not really a remodel but still holes are being made in walls and wire is being threaded.
It is a little disconcerting to me to make a hole (even a neat hole) in a perfectly good wall.

Sometimes you have to make things worse before you can make things better.
I guess the same thing can be said of a myriad of things.
Still, sometimes it feels that we live in a never ending construction zone.
Luckily Mr Darcy is a whiz at destroying things and then building them back up!
If only he had the time to finish his projects.


Momza said...

your background is so dang cute, Roxanne!
And you're so right, improvements come after much work!
Hope your turkey day is perfect!

Heidi said...

Hmm, does this have anything to do with the dining room. Because everything else is already so nice. Have a very Merry Christmas, dear cousin!