Monday, November 1, 2010

What a bunch of Characters!

It is said that you become like who you spend time with.

So what do the following pictures say about me and mine?
I know, and I am thrilled! I love that I might have some kind of a connection with the Wonderful World of Disneyland! Even if it is through association, I'm good with that!

This was a truly, superbly, spectacular visit at my home away from home because Mr Darcy and I chose to spend this amazing 12 hours with our oldest granddaughter. That's right , my favorite place with one of my favorite people.  It was true perfection, the weather, the crowds, the amazing water show at the end of the evening, the incredible breakfast with the characters...Sigh...what more can one expect? was perfection!


janethbg said...

So glad you had a fabulous time!

K-WilliamsFamily said...

I TOTALLY love the last pic...your in it!

Andrea - said...

What a fun trip! If there were awards for being the happiest person on earth and the best grandma ever, I bet you'd have a mantle full!!!

Tara said...

So fantabulous, I can't stand it!!
I love you auntie.
I love you for taking Siece to D-land on her B-day.