Monday, September 21, 2009

Come One, Come All

Now that I vented about the discourteous fans during Saturdays game, please let me tell you about my favorite part of the Football game weekend..and that is the Fireside that the team puts on every eve of the game they are playing. They even do them when it is an away game. I have come to have such a great appreciation and admiration for not only the players but a wonderful head coach and his wife.

The Firesides always consists of 2 players speaking, 2 musical numbers (1 is always the entire team singing Armies of Helaman, talk about goosebumps) and then we hear from Coach Mendenhall and his wife Holly. These firesides are inspiring and uplifting and like the coach says, the important things taking place don't happen on the field the next day, they happen the night before in venues across this country. Testimonies are born and strengthened, bonds are formed between the fan and team (I would no sooner scream rude things at them then I would at my own children) and we are edified. This is the purpose after all of a football team at a church school, to introduce our beliefs to the world and to be disciples of Christ.

If you ever have this team come to an area near you, please call the football office at BYU and ask where the Fireside will be taking place. Then gather up everyone that you love, even if they don't love football, and come for a spiritually uplifting evening. You will not be sorry!


Momza said...

I didn't know that I do, I will make sure I get to a fireside!!! Thanks so much!

p.s. is it snowing in Utah today? It is here in the springs! yea!

Karen said...

So true! The firesides i have attended have been so wonderful. It is so much fun to see these big bruiser football men stand in front of a crowd armed with nothing but their testimonies (OK, and their clothes. lol). What an awesome experience it is to hear their humble testimonies.