Monday, September 7, 2009

The Man of the Hour

My dearest Pa-pa had surgery last Thursday. He has had a VERY active life and he has done his share of damage to his knees. He used to be a runner until his body complained so loudly that he had to finally give in and resort to speed walking and hiking up mountains. He also used to play basketball with men 20 years his junior and my father is competitive (that is not a good thing in this particular situation). He would play with injuries and broken bones just to prove he could. Well, that kind of physical abuse will finally take it's toll and it did. He had to have a knee replacement. He put it off for about 2 years and finally gave in, he had to, his golf game was being jeapordized. I also told him that when we go to Disneyland this December, I would refuse to push him in a wheelchair (truth be told, he would refuse to be pushed in a wheelchair). So off he went last Thursday morning....

Now something you should know about my dad, He is an in charge kind of guy. He doesn't like being tied down or at the mercy of others (in other words he is not an ideal patient). Now that is not to say he was not kind and gracious with those that were helping him, he was, he just did things like, get in the shower without telling anyone, or insisting they continue to walk laps around the hallways when the therapist said he was done (the physical therapist won by the way).
He was a little bit loopy when they brought him out of the anesthesia and may I say I have never seen my dad like that. He kept asking the same things over and over again. He kept trying to get out of bed. Oh, he was a rascal, that one.

Right after surgery

a day after surgery

He came home from the hospital yesterday and he tried to get out without all the usual rigamarole that accompanies discharge. The doctor said he could go, so he was going. They had to chase him down the hallway to get him to stop long enough for them to give him pain prescriptions (as if he will take those) and last minute instructions. But now he is home and happy to be there. And we are happy to see him there. What a character!


Momza said...

What a guy! I love him! I wanna be like that when I'm older--doin' things my way.
Here's to a speedy full recovery!

Karen said...

I'm so glad he is OK and got the the surgery well. I really hate watching my parents age. I want them to always be the same strong and busy people that they are in my mind from the years I grew up. I'm sure they want that even more than I do! I love the picture of your dad and Elder Durrant. He is one of my faves!

lvs2dance said...

I agree, he is a little stinker. I just called him and he told me of his journey up and down the stairs with no help. Don't worry I chastized him big time! Just gotta love him though!

Tara said...

I just love that man!! And I will attest to the fact that he was out of it the day of his surgery, I called him and he was definitely on some meds.
Thanks for the post and the pics.
love you!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

Wow! Now I know where you and Jenny come from! :) I'm glad he is smiling and acting like himself! :)