Monday, September 7, 2009

There is BEAUTY all around

Fall is coming, and with it the promise of cool nights and warm days. I happily receive it's occasional rain showers and cooling winds as the heat of summer finds it's way further south with the birds.

I love the colors of the changing leaves. We traveled up the mountain on Saturday to spend the day with Mr Darcy's Aunt and Uncle at their cabin retreat. The leaves are taking on orange, red and yellow highlights as the cool night air magically makes them the color of a burning sunset.

As the day wore on into evening, I sat on the porch of the cabin watching the humming birds jockey for the best position at the feeder for their last sip of nectar before retiring for the evening. I used to think that my children could really get into a knock-down drag-out fight, until I watched these tiny little birds hovering and then striking with lightening speed, becoming a Kamakaze pilot not caring for their safety or anyone else's.

Once the sun dipped below the horizon, the temperature dropped and I gratefully accepted the handmade quilt my hostess offered me. As the sun finally melted away, the full and graceful moon took it's place giving an ethereal light to the trees and roadway, making everything look like a black and white photo.

How is it possible for such beauty to abound? The creators hand not only built this world for survival of the body but also for renewing ones soul. He knew that I personally have a very short attention span, so he gave me a change of seasons to keep me filled and wondering. This is just another testament of his love for me and I am so grateful.


Momza said...

Beautiful post. Made me wish I was there too.
Enjoy your trip!

J+S said...

The photo of the hummingbird and feeder is amazing! Great job.

lvs2dance said...

Great shot of the hummingbrids! You are turning into quite the photographer! I too am happy for the upcoming season!