Friday, August 28, 2009


Have you ever had something in your life that not only brings you grief and regret but also tremendous joy (children do not count on this one)?

Well this is my something......
Gorgeous isn't it?
I love this instrument, this was a Valentines gift to me from Mr Darcy a couple of years ago, and I was thrilled...... but that is where the joy ends and the agony begins.

I was like any one of the multitude of youth out there that was signed up for piano lessons and then defiantly dared anyone to make me do something I had decided I did not want to do (my apologies Mrs. Shumway, for wasting your precious time).

I can spend hours at these milky white keys with the slash of black across the top, and never truly satisfy the craving I have to play, truly flow through a piece of music. Granted, I have improved, if ever slightly, but the regret I feel for not doing the work when the work was given, can never be extinguished.

And yet,
even with the 'agony of defeat', it still calls to me in silent moments, in tumultuous times, in times of begs me come, to stroke it's silky ivories, to pour out any and all emotions until I am spent and quiet and humbled! And at moments like these, my joy is truly complete!

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Deedee said...

Love those purple walls...YUM YUM!