Monday, August 3, 2009

Baldwin Barn Burner

Well we finally had our families reunion lovingly called a Barn Burner. Chris was awesome with the planning, the games, the flags, there was something for everyone and there were times when all you had to do was sit on the swing and hang out. The cabin was a true blessing and fabuloso, Joe and Missy were wonderful to make the arrangements for us.

There is nothing like family, even with all of our warts we are who we have for eternity so if we can't get along with everyone here, it will be a very long miserable time in our futures. So we figure that we had better practice getting along, learning to love and appreciate differences and basically gaining a greater understanding of the importance of families. What a wonderful time we had and to those that didn't join us...YOU were missed and you really missed out.

At the end of it all we had a healthy competition for 'Helga' the trophy that is loved, and dare I say, coveted by all who gaze upon her. Jon and Dave Wadley's team won the privilege of keeping 'Helga' over the past two years and the Wad Squad pulled it off again. It was a great time, all of it, from gma and gpa who talked all night long to the duct taped spoon heads, we just laughed and enjoyed it all. Thanks to you all for helping and contributing in anyway, even if it was just showing up, you all made it wonderful.


Andrea said...

Aw, what fun pictures!

Momza said...

Your family seems to have as much together as mine does! Don't ya love it??!