Monday, August 24, 2009

The man is a Chick Magnet

Life is really busy!

We have been gone for the past week and a half and I just haven't taken the time to blog. Our business is one that grows and thrives when it has our personal attention, (you know, kind of like raising kids) and so that is what we have been doing.

I am lucky, the business that puts food on my table is one that has me traveling with my Mr Darcy and touring the western United States. We not only get to be together 24-7 but we see some remarkable scenery and meet extraordinary people.

Now I am not a people person myself, but Mr Darcy is the Pied Piper himself, and people love him to pieces. I am content to share in the adoration of the masses of this most remarkable man. He is quite an amazing person. He has had his share of struggles, cannot type worth a darn, spelling and he have never seen eye to eye, but still he can get more accomplished in 10 minutes then I can get done in a day. I would like to think that we compliment each other, so I do.

Well, what started out as an explanation for non-existent posts has become a tribute to Mr Darcy. See what I mean, the Pied Piper! I cannot help myself, nor do I want to. I am smitten.


Momza said...

Darling Mr Darcy! Give me a heads up when you're headed this way!! Would love to meet you!

Deedee said...

Mr Darcy is a great guy with many gifts and talents, but you are the jewel in his crown, YOU are the reason he stands so tall!! I know of what I speak....I'm your friend, neighbor and loving sister!!

PS I do think he would agree with me!

lvs2dance said...

I agree with deedee. I also agree with you, he is a pretty great guy! And I think that you had a typo in your title, he is a 'mouse' magnet! hahahahaha