Wednesday, August 5, 2009


What in the world is going on here, every time I turn around another one of my darling grandchildren has another birthday. My darling little Tae just celebrated her 9th birthday!

Now don't get me wrong, I am all for parties and celebrating, I just don't want them to grow up so darn fast. I hate to pull rank, but I may just have to put my foot down here. Celebrating is fine, getting older is not!
Tae had a Flip-Flop party (in my day they were called thongs) and her gorgeous and very talented mom made her the most adorable flip-flop cake I have ever seen.

At the party her guests decorated Flip-Flops that they took home with them, played many a fun game, including 'how many candies are in this jar'. At that point they ate the above pictured adorable cake with of course a respectable amount of ice cream, opened gifts and went home.
Working hard on their Flip-Flops
Showing off their handy work.

I have added pictures for your viewing pleasure. Oh and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAE!!!!!


Momza said...

great party idea! Cute cute cute! I may have to steal this one!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

I swear, your daughter is so creative when throwing parties. She must get that from her lovely mom!