Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honesty is the Best Policy

Ok I was awarded the honest blogger award and I am honored and just a bit confused. If there is an award for being an honest blogger, does that mean there are dishonest bloggers out there. I mean seriously folks, isn't this the medium for pouring out your heart and soul and doing it anonymously, (well as anonymous as we get in bloggerland). So let's see, who to nominate next

Debbie-my devoted sis, who is so honest about blogging she never has. She has her own blog created by her daughter and posted by guest bloggers. Will she take up the challenge for this, no, but I respect her commitment to not blogging.

Jenny-my lovely daughter who makes me giggle when I see my beloved grandkids on her blog doing things that I would have been beside myself with anyone else seeing. (like climbing in the fridge)

Taralyn-my sweet niece who shares her joys and heartbreak of raising adorable children away from the comfort of family.

Momza-who is truly a role model for me, and yet we have never met.

Jenifer-who is the soul of honesty and integrity and I am proud of the education she constantly gives me through her blog.

Heidi-whose honesty is almost painful to me.

Joe and Missy-for honestly not posting very frequently, yet when they do it is a gem!

10 truly honest things I am admitting
1-People bother me
2-so does Gluten
3-I'm always right
4-If you think I'm ever wrong refer to #3
5-Sometimes I like to be mean
6-If you hurt my kids, I will rip your head off (just a figure of speech, sort of)
7-I want to live on Main Street in Disneyland
8-eating makes me happy
9-I am overweight because eating makes me happy
10-I once gave up chocolate for 7 years, the key word here is once.

Sorry, I posted this and then realized I had not included the rules for the above award, they are;
1-Nominate 7 worthy bloggers of this prestigious award
2-list 10 honest things about yourself


Karen Williams said...

Roxanne...Your TOO funny!

Momza said...

HA! "Sometimes I like to be mean"...hilarious!
Thanks for the honor. What a surprise!

J+S said...

Roxanne, I love this post and the things you admit! When you are living on Main Street in Disneyland, can I come stay a night or two?