Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love Will Keep Us Together

Today I went to a funeral for a dear sweet man that lives in my ward. There is something about a funeral that makes me reflective and serious (yes, I understand that this is normal). I tend to do a lot of soul searching after such an event and tend to make new goals and decisions after a funeral.

Here is my goal then, I vow to tell the people that I love just that, that I love them, while they are still around to hear me say it and I am still around to say it. It is all good and well to pay tribute to the deceased and expound upon their many virtues, but wouldn't it be better for those recipients to hear these words from our own mouths with their mortal ears.

Yes, that is the plan and I will start this very day. Wish me luck


Momza said...

:::::::APPLAUSE::::: Great inspiration for me too!

Tara said...

I love you Auntie!!

J+S said...

Roxanne, this is great inspiration for us all. We should not take this precious life for granted. I love you, dear friend!

On another note, I have a favor...I think I remember you mentioning that your son makes creme brulee. I am having a hard time lately getting mine to set. If you remember the next time you see him, would you mind asking him if he has had this challenge, and if he has, what he has done about it?