Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

Sometimes I waste time..... mine, other peoples, you name it sometimes I waste it, but not today.....Today I spent making cards.

I told you a couple of posts back about traveling abundantly recently and with that travel comes a responsibility to Thank all the wonderful Hosts and Hostesses that make our trip successful. What better way to say thank you then with a handmade card. So I have decided to do a little bit of bragging and show off my handy work.

Now before you get too excited, I must explain. I consider myself a creative copycat. Original ideas may be foreign to me but I can copy your artwork like there is no tomorrow, so don't be disappointed when you realize they are nothing more then a paint-by-number type of card. Not like that paint-by-number on black velvet sort of thing, I like to think I am a classier copycat then that. I am hopeful that the pictures will speak for themselves.

Oh, by the way, thanks Karen for introducing this particular Mojo Monday pattern to me, I just love it!


Karen said...

Oh, Roxanne! They are all beautiful. I feel like a proud mommy!

Momza said...

O wow, those are so nice! Well done!

joe_missy said...

oh boy looking at these make me sooo proud of my dear mu, how talented you are

Karen Williams said...

VERY nice!!

lvs2dance said...

wow! great job, I love there anything that you need to thank ME for??? I wouldn't mind getting one of those cute cards!

Tara said...

ohhh, I am loving these!!