Thursday, September 17, 2009

Say 'Cheese' please

I have an addiction, as Momza would call it, my 'go to thang'. It is taking pictures. I just love make that, need to take pictures. I usually carry the camera every where I go.

As a matter of fact, my grandson Ky-Ky calls the camera, 'Cheese'. That tells me he has heard this phrase a few too many times.

Now that is not truly my problem, you see, the problem is, it takes me, oh,...about a thousand pictures before I get the shot just the way I want it (you know, not fuzzy or off center).

I want so badly to have the eye of a great photographer, but I don' I continue to shoot at anything that stands still, hoping against hope that I will capture the very essence and soul of my subject.

And then just when I am feeling dejected and downtrodden, I come up (quite accidentally) with a picture that makes me feel, oh, I don't know, swooney and I catch my breath and think, this is it, this is what I saw through the lens. And I am once again renewed and prepared for the next thousand pictures.


Momza said... glad you have your go-to-thang!
I love your pictures! even the fuzzy ones...b/c their important to you!

Keep clckin that cheese!

Amy said...

LOVE that you love your camera, I think your sweet little daughter has taken after you as well. You are so darling Roxanne, I just love how you express yourself. By the way, the little tribute to my beautiful friend, aka your daughter, is priceless. You are such a sweet mom to her and I know how very much she loves and looks up to you. Thanks for always being there for her and for making her so I could have the greatest friend ever.

Tara said...

Love the pictures!! Even the fuzzy ones. Keep on clicking away!