Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It is a new day and I am so smart, I figured out how to add music to my blog. I am proud of myself (aren't you Nic?) at least I think I added music. If anyone visits this, let me know if the music is actually there. Everyone thinks that blogging is fun and I must admit, I think so too. I added this great picture of my sis's that was taken at a little cabin retreat arranged by sister Janeth back in May (I think) of 2007. We had a wonderful time and it is something I would recommend to everyone. It is just a little refresher and helps to clean out the cobwebs. We are waiting patiently for grandbaby number 7, Nic and Krista's little Adelaide, to arrive. We love adding to the family and my kids have been very cooperative this year. Each of the boys and their beautiful wives have contributed to the gene pool. (Jenny is off the hook as she has already contributed the bulk of the grandbabies single handedly). How wonderful it is to be part of a family. You are the harmony in my life's song and I could not be more proud of any of my eight beautiful kids. (Jenny, Chris, Ryan, Amy, Joseph, Missy, Nic and Krista) I also am so grateful for a husband I love dearly, that is not only handsome but talented and Patient with me. I am truly blessed!

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Amy said...

The music is great!!! I love the song Come What May, what a great movie huh? You are so good to do this, I wish my mom would keep up on hers. It was good to see you the other night, you are always so fun to be around!