Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Choosing the Right

Sometime it is so hard to do the right thing. I know what needs to be done and what should be done, but sometimes my natural man tries to take over and if I am not careful I not only succumb, I jump feet first on the band wagon. I do want to do the things that will make my Savior proud of me but when the cold cruel world keeps taking cheap shots at the people that mean the very most in the world to me, My Family, I have to keep breathing deeply to gain control.
My one and only darling daughter, who I have been greatly blessed to have as a friend, has had a very emotionally trying experience in the past two weeks. She has been battered and spit upon (figuratively speaking) and even when the situation should be put to rest, there are those that continue to pour salt by the gallons into her wounds. The mother bear in me starts seeing red and I can feel the blood of righteous indignation surging through my veins until I think that they will pop.
Can anyone out there explain to me WHY people go out of their way to destroy another human being? What could possibly be in it for them. Don't they realize that the dark one who is whispering in their ear so constantly to go for blood, is a liar. There will be no good come to those that choose to hurt, maim and destroy another spirit.
I know that this is not a very pleasant blog but my heart is aching and broken for my daughter as I can do nothing but preach patience, kindness and understanding all the while trying to control my own tendencies for revenge.
It is moments like this when I feel the weight of my Saviors atoning sacrifice, the blessing from it are mine for the taking but only if I do that which proves me a worthy recipient. I also feel the grief that he suffered that my daughter now is feeling as she tries to overcome her own feelings of pain. He suffered so that he knows how to comfort her wounded soul.
Maybe I have just answered my own question, maybe just maybe we are allowed to suffer at the hands of others so that we can have a greater need and appreciation for that which can save us, if we let it.


J+S said...

Oh, Roxanne, why would someone (or many someones) be so mean to her? I have only met her briefly, but she is such a good and kind person. This is terrible! I wish I could give some great advice on how to overcome your pain when people are just impossible to you, but I don't have any, other than I feel so badly.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I don't know your daughter but I feel really sad for her and for you. I can tell from your post you are struggling with this. I don't blame you. I would have the hardest time being Christ like to those who hurt the people who mean the most to me. You, however, seem to have a profound understanding of what the Lords expects from you. I hope you and your daughter find strength to get through this.

Deedee said...

It is the hardest thing in the world to watch someone we love be treated like this...we would rather take it on ourselves than watch our children be hurt. It is only through forgiving that our wounds can be healed...but it's ok to be upset about this right now...I know I am..I want to say a few things to those who have been hurting Jen...a few very harsh things!!!!!
Let me at um...let me at um!!

Tara said...

You said it awesome at the end of the post. I really think anything that allows us to really look at the sacrifice the Savior made for us, to really have a glimpse of the suffering He went through, can only make us stronger. Let our weaknesses become our strengths.
I don't like what happened at all!! Jen does not deserve any of it, but throughout history it seems that many times, those who stand up for whats right get shafted. She will come out stronger and better because of her experiences.
By the way, this seems totally out of context for the comment, but I tagged you on my blog, you can check it our if you so desire.
Love you!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Boy, I sure have been in Jen's place too many times to count. Finally I came to the conclusion that there is no way we can be like Christ if we don't go through the whole trial of being falsely accused or misrepresented or lied about or having our good deeds turned into ugliness. We just can't. And how can we feel comfortable having all that He has if we haven't earned it? It stinks, I know, but I truly feel it is needful. So, in a word, rejoice!

sadie said...

wow, seriously wow. your such an awesome person and i don't even know you. i hope you realize that your post not only has helped jenny to see things in a different perspective, a more patient way, but has also helped everyone else too, namely me. thank you thank you thank you.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Wow, Sadie, thanks so much! I feel blessed to be able to do or say anything that has helped someone, anyone, especially Roxanne's daughter because Roxanne has been such a total blessing to me!