Monday, September 15, 2008

You Never Quit Learning

I had a learning moment last night. I had blogged about my most recent trip to my happy place. I added pictures, published the post and sat back secure in the knowledge that one more post was under my belt, then the call came. My sister called with an edge to her voice, I was worried about what might have happened to the folks (as they are visiting her right now). She said 'Roxanne, I just read your blog, were you talking about so and so? I was stunned, no! I told her, of course I wasn't talking about them. Oh good, she said, I was afraid you were referring to them. I then hung up and promptly reread what I had written, and you know, I could see why she might have thought that. I then did a complete and quick rewrite to make sure what I actually said was what I really thought I was saying. It was a lesson for me. I know that sometimes the littlest things create the biggest problems in our lives just because we are not clear with our communication process. I quite regularly think things in my head and then remark about said things to Steve and he looks at me like I just dropped out of the sky. The conversation makes complete sense to me, he just wasn't privy to the first half. It makes me wonder how many of my current "situations" (hurt feelings etc.) have been of my own making because I haven't expressed myself correctly.
I have learned my lesson, I will try to be clearer when talking with people around me and then if they still insist on getting all bent out of shape I will at least know that I have done my part to keep the carnage to a minimum.

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Heidi Ashworth said...

Sister, I feel your pain! Love the Disney pics! And you are so right--don't be a wet blanket at DL which is exactly why, the last time we were there when the BG was 9, we left after only half a day. I could stay happy whilst the BG was knocking people over like bowling pins and people were starting to look sad and disgruntled and like DL was NOT the happiest place on earth. So, I took me, myself and my wet blanket home. Sad.