Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let the Good News roll!

Okay, there seems to be a glut of bad news out there and it is getting a tad bit depressing, so here is my solution. I want good news I mean I want to hear your good news. Surely there is more going on in the world besides an election that offers me no choice (except Sarah Palin), a bailout of very, very greedy banks, or wall street continuing its downward spiral.

Enough already... Give me some good news! I will start. I have started an exercise program where I walk with the DH a mile twice a day. I am actually feeling some really positive side effects from the aforementioned activity, the greatest being a feeling of well-being. I have also started taking my Pro-Argini9 Plus at least twice a day preferably three and my Thyroid seems to be getting whipped into shape. Whoopeee! I have 8 (count them) 8 wonderful, beeutiful grandchildren and 8 (again count them) 8 stupendous kids and kids-in-law. I live in the greatest country on earth. I am married to the man that most women only dream about being married to (love ya honey). I still have my parents around to lead me and guide me (not to mention, walk beside me) and travel with me to Disneyland.

Man, I could go on and on but the purpose of this blog is to hear from you about your good news. It is time to focus on the good, wonderful, positive aspects of our life and I am more then ready. ARE YOU WITH ME? Okay then, LET'S ROLL!


myhappyplace said...

HI! I like your blog, my good news right now is that I have found part-time work that I love. It is difficult finding jobs right now and doing something I actually enjoy was beyond my expectations. I am learning floral design and most of the time it's a wonderful place to be. I am also married to a wonderful man and have healthy childrn and grandchildren. Through it's ups and downs life for the most has treated me well.
No newborns here though, my youngest is nine. I just had insomnia that night. I forgot it posts the time on there. lol

RBS said...

Congratulation 'Myhappyplace' I am so happy for you not only finding work that suits you but makes you happy. That is great new. Thanks for responding

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Hey, do you realize you are applying your blog title "Happiness is a choice" to this post which is what attracted me to your blog the first place, which then several posts later led me to decide it's one of the most uplifting places in Blogland! You're awesome. What's my good news? I have the whole week off this week! My boss insisted because I've maxed allowable vacation hours and he said I need to burn them before I lose them. So I have guilt free time off to get caught up with chores. I know that sounds drab and lame, but it actually makes me happy so it counts, right?:-)

Jon said...

My good news is that I'm awesome and can do the peck dance. Really, really well.

But your my Auntie and you already know that.

RBS said...

You are correct Jonna Jr I do know that you do an awesome pec dance. I count myself fortunate everyday that I have seen first hand your very amazing dance of your pecs.
Thank you for your response here.
Love Auntie

RBS said...

and Marivic,
Nothing is nicer then to be caught up with time to enjoy whatever you wish, I think that would be splendid. You are such a neat person and I feel honored to count you among my friends.

Tara said...

Hmm, well we have the Gospel, which is the ultimate Good News. If we keep an eternal perspective on things, a lot of the stuff going on is just that, stuff. Say your prayers, read your scriptures, and follow the gospel, and if you are prepared, you shall not fear.

Now that is really Good (Great) News!

Love you!

Tara said...

Also, I totally agree with you. Mom's blog is in serious need of some updatage.
We will be there on Thurs. so let's collaberate and get her current in the blogging world.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Gosh, I can see I am getting behind on my blog reading--two new posts! Well, gee, you already know about this but I am so excited about my book coming out. It's hard to think about other things. Other good news is that the Little Guy is really enjoying school, Mary is (finally!) going to do something decent with her hair and the Big Guy is making friends with his new bowling crowd (special olympics). Oh! And we finally got the Big Bad Company to pay for their own mistake and stop charging us, the innocent lowly customer. Phew! This makes The Spouse very happy, indeed.

Lesley said...

besides all the blessings of a wonderful husband and family, my good news is that I am singing in a wonderful choir and we will perform in the SL Tabernacle next month. Each rehearsal is an uplifting a learning experience. Thanks for letting me share.