Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Home Away from Home

Well here we are in the Happiest Place on Earth. My husband, parents and I spent two glorious days basking in the sun and enjoying the atmosphere, It was awesome. Thanks mom and dad for joining me in my trek to a place I love, you made it just that much more special. The joy of having people you love and that love what you love make the trip almost magical.

The importance of having the right company joining you on your trip to bliss was brought home to me when I spent the following afternoon with some business friends we met at the park that did not share my particular addiction to my happy place. This is a trip that should only be taken with those that share your particular passion for the mouse and all that comes with him.

These folks just did not have the vision necessary to transport themselves from a world of cares and traffic jams to a place where the worst thing that could happen to you is a little dousing with water and a tasty Pineapple Whip while you dry off.
I will in the future be much more careful when selecting those I wish to share my experience with.
If you can't handle smiling without trying to or sitting, really sitting and soaking in the feeling of make believe along with songs that almost make me do an impromptu dance that would rival anything on "so you think you can dance", you must stay back at the hotel. There are plenty of things to keep you busy out there in the cold cruel world.
As for me and mine we want to take any opportunity to feel free, to become a child again. Thanks Mom and Dad for planting that seed in my little heart when but a tiny child (yes, I was tiny once) and thank you Walt Disney for making such a place for me to do just that.
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Tara said...

Oh auntie, take me, take me!!! I will dance with you on the streets of Dinseyland!!
Hugs and kisses

J+S said...

How could anyone not get the magic of this grand place?

lvs2dance said...

I know...i know, the only thing missing in this glorious place was....let me think.....uh ME!!! I would have much prefered to be there than back here dealing with my crappy crap! Next time you better take me along!