Monday, November 3, 2008

Amazing Grace

Sometimes I just amaze myself. I think of myself as a perfectly competent person, capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. Then out of the blue I prove that walking may be a bigger chore for me then I realize. Yesterday I went into see the Bishop for the purpose of getting my recommend renewed. We came home from church planning to go down to the Stake Center to get the Stake Presidents signature, I mean, I am talking maybe a 40 minute time frame and I somehow lost the recommend. You may wonder, 'how does she lose a recommend in an area consisting of approximately 100 square feet.' That would be a really good question and if you come up with the answer I would love to know what it is. Anyway Mr Darcy decided to go down without me while I kept tearing the house apart. (I was even looking in places it couldn't possibly have been unless it actually had grown legs and walked away!) About 5 minutes after Mr Darcy drives off, I find it in the most logical places of all and being that the Stake Center is only about a 10 minute walk from my house, I grabbed the umbrella (oh, did I mention it was raining?) and head on down the hill to the church. About halfway there I decided to take a shortcut across the elementary school parking lot. Well, I mentioned it was raining, therefore the blacktop was wet, really wet, and I had zero traction on my shoes and it had a slight incline, and I was wearing a dress, (wait don't get ahead of me, I know you are!) Anyway, yes, I slid on the very wet, very black parking lot and went down on my knee and my keister. Well, of course the first thing to do is try to scramble to my feet and hope that no one saw me do such a graceless thing. I stood up and took one more step and went down AGAIN! My word, how uncoordinated can I be. At this point I had black dripping down my legs, my dress was saturated on one side (thank goodness it was black) My hand was black and throbbing and my knee was bleeding and looked like it was covered with road rash. There was also a cut on the top of my foot. I figured if I continued on I was looking at putting myself into a coma so after jumping up again, and hoping I hadn't flashed everyone in the houses across the street, I carefully turned and walked back up the hill. Luckily my hubby was just coming back and saw me hobbling up the hill and picked me up. He drove me down to the Stake Center while I used some old napkins he had in the car to wipe the black off my legs and hand. Today I am stiff and sore in places that I had no clue it could affect. Well, that is the saga of my Sunday afternoon, for some reason I have to make a production out of everything. And if my kids are reading this, and laughing, just remember, your time will come! (below is the picture of said injuries.)

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Heidi Ashworth said...

Oh, Roxanne, that's awful! Yuck! I'm so sorry! Today we were all standing in the rain waving Prop 8 signs. After 45 minutes of being pelted by freezing rain as the sun was going down, I called it a night and took the kids home. We did splash through some pretty big puddles but nothing like you went through. Bummer! Hope you feel better soon!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Owie! Looks like you scraped your knee bad! Glad you didn't break anything! Holy cow, falling 2x! Sounds amusing but actually kind of scary. I hope your buns aren't so sore :-)

lvs2dance said...

oh mom....we need to get you a little motorized cart for you to ride around in. Dad, don't let her go off on her own again.

Tara said...

mmmm, that's a yummy looking knee :)
Auntie, I am so sorry for your horrible falls! That is no fun, no fun at all. If I had been there I would have picked you up and carried you all the way myself, better yet, I would have given you a ride in the first place.
Sorry. Well, at least you are right with the Lord, no matter the sacrifice.