Sunday, June 6, 2010

The HEAT is ON

We spent the weekend in St George at the celebration of my nephews wedding. He and his lovely Bride were married 2 weeks ago in Boston and this weekend was the open house for them. It was a lovely event in a beautiful yard in my sisters neighborhood. I L.O.V.E. outdoor receptions with the green of the lawns and the blue of the sky and the lovely smells of flora and fauna. Oh how I love a beautifully manicured yard and this one was incredible.


Along with the beauty comes the uncontrollable component called 'The Weather'. It was unbelievably hot, like 104 degrees hot.

I posted not too long ago about wanting Spring to come....what happened? I think I was cheated. We went from the Cold to the Hot is one fell swoop. Seriously people, what happened to blue sky, green grass, 80 degrees, I feel like I must have slept through a whole season, like Rip Van Winkle.

But back to the reception, it was simply beautiful, the bride was radiant the groom was handsome. My sister pulled off a stunning event in spite of the temperature and we had family coming from far and near to help celebrate. Isn't it amazing that family makes everything bearable, even the heat. My daughter made a beautiful wedding cake for the event. I was so happy to be there to interact with brother and sisters (by the way, every sibling of mine was there), and nieces nephews, sons and daughters as well as the grandbabies. What an event! Thank you my dear sis and bro-in-law you made a wonderful event and I am grateful I was part of it.


Momza said...

First, 104o is ACK!! I can't do it!
but Second, did your daughter make the cake?? It is adorable!

Momza said...