Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mile Marker 54

I just hit another milestone, a birthday! and boy was it ever a full day. Mr Darcy always asks what I want to do for my birthday and for the past several years I always say the same thing, I want to go for a bike ride up the canyon to a local ski resort and go up the mountain on the lift and then head home to spend time with my beloved family. He always asks and I always say the same thing, a creature of habit I guess. But the day went on as planned and I always love the experience. The canyons are particularly green this year and it was so refreshing up there on the mountain. There was also an excess of runoff and it had overflowed onto the road, we went through it getting our shoes all wet, man it was cold water.
The evening was full of moments of family and it was so lovely. Sissy used her special talent to make me a beautiful Disneyland cake which was not only fabulous looking, it tasted great. She made the top tier gluten free so that I could enjoy my own cake. Thank you my little muffin, you are so thoughtful and I am grateful to be your mom. My grandbabies all made cards for me and I love them so much. Every year keeps getting better, and I am grateful that I have been around as long as I have and hope to have another 50 years with my family here on earth.
Mr Darcy planned and carried out Dinner for the whole brood. It was delicious and I didn't have to do a thing. We do love tacos at our house.
Well, I guess that it is time to move into another year and try to improve over last year, it should be easy as I have left myself so much room for improvement.
Just want to say thank you to my loved ones both near and far for loving and supporting me through thick and thin.


Momza said...

Looks like a perfect way to celebrate your birthday!!

Karen Williams said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you have a wonderful time!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday, cousin!!

J+S said...

Happy belated birthday, RBS. :)