Sunday, October 25, 2009

And a Little Child shall Lead Them

While visiting with my daughter and grandbabies tonight we were blessed with such a sweet sight that I had to share with you. My daughters youngest Faize was playing a game on the computer and all of a sudden it got really quiet and when we investigated, this is what we found.....

How precious is he..

I just can't get enough of this angel baby

I must admit sometimes when I am sitting at the computer trying to get things accomplished I feel like doing the exact same thing.

I love you my littlest.


Momza said...

Great photo! What an angel face. Can't wait to be a granma!

Deedee said...

How wonderful that Jenny lives a few minutes away... so you can have lots of moments like this!!

Karen Williams said...

How ADORABLE is he! So cute!!