Thursday, October 15, 2009

And That Has Made All the Difference

Have you ever wondered how different your life might be if you had made even one small decision differently? That is what I am sitting here pondering about right now.
This morning I attended a funeral for a 33 year old young man with a young family. Funerals always make me think about life in a deeper way then my every day 'run here and there' type of thought process.

I rode up to the funeral with my parents and my dad made the comment, 'oh, everyone always wants to be younger,' well, in all honesty, I am not one of those people. I did that whole young thing, and I wouldn't go back. Granted, there are things that I wish I had done differently, but knowing myself and my 'leap before you look' mentality, I probably wouldn't take advantage of the opportunity to do things differently, so my only option is to move forward armed with the knowledge of experience and the wisdom that comes with heartbreak.

My life is full, my heart has been full to overflowing as well as broken and contrite, but both experiences are necessary for me. If I had not had the pain of foolish choices, I would never know the joy of choosing the right. My path is far from straight, there are many places my footprints have veered off to the right or left, but I hope that in the final analyses my path, though not as constant or straight as an arrow, will get me to the place where my joy will be complete. In the meantime, I make my choices, I accept the consequences, and I love the journey.


Momza said...

I am right there with you Roxanne! Everything you've written, I could totally relate to...this Journey is anything but predictable, but it's worth the trip! Really great thoughts! THanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Roxanne, I always enjoy reading your musings so much. I am with you. I would not go back to youth. Although, I wouldn't mind my young body back! And, your path seems quite straight and narrow to me!