Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seasons of Change

It's interesting the twist and turns that life throws your way.
We were attending the BYU-UNLV game last weekend and one of my sons friends joined us. He had just participated in a very long relay race that took place over a couple of days, and he mentioned that one of the racers had been hit by a drunk driver and killed. We felt awful about this and talked about it for a minute, then while we were driving back to the hotel that night my daughter called and told me that the High School band she used to work with had been at a competition in Idaho and while traveling back, one of the buses had rolled and the teacher on the bus had been thrown out and killed. On the way back the next day my mom called and told me that the racer that was killed was my cousins son. This on top of the death of another cousins husband just two weeks ago, and the death of my friends son only a week before.

I realize that death is a part of life but this seems like an awful lot of people that I know passing away in a very short time period. I know that they are happy where they are now, but those that are left behind are having to cope with their grief and lonliness. I think that I have had my fill of funerals for awhile.
I am however grateful for the knowledge I have about death and the life hereafter, it makes it much easier for me knowing that death is not the end and we will see our loved ones again.


Tara said...

Very perfect auntie! I conquer on all accounts!
That's why we say I love you everyday, you just never know.
Love you!

Momza said...

Hi there, It's interesting that you've posted this as I've had similar feelings lately as people in my world have passed away or had members of their family die too.
It does make me reflect on my faith and feelings...and your words certainly help to frame it all to make sense.
You just never know, do you?