Monday, October 19, 2009

The best Seat in the House

okay everyone out there, it is time to talk some serious talk.
I have a favorite item in my household. It may seem unimportant or even trite but it serves a *HUGE* purpose in the cleanliness of my household, especially in one particular room. This is a product that I always keep in storage so that I don't run out.

I have used this product for years and it has never disappointed. I have even used it for purposes that it was not intended, to take off the hard water deposits on my outside windows.

What can this miraculous product be?...........My Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.

I just love this product to pieces. It takes the nastiest place in the house and makes it sparkle. (for those that have delicate sensibilities, STOP reading now)

Now my commode could feel badly about itself, just because of the very nature for which it was created, not to mention the arguments Mr Darcy and I have gotten into over the whole seat up, seat down universal debate, and yet with one quick squirt and swish it is new and fresh and ready to take on whatever life throws at it.

How about you.... do you have a favorite obscure household product that keeps your world humming along?


Karen said...

LOVE my Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They take scuffs of walls and floors with hardly any effort at all. Great invention.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Send a bottle posthaste!!! (The Big Guy threw up in his bathroom sink Saturday night--because we were TALKING about him throwing up all the way in the front room---and tho Roy scooped out most of it, it still needs some attention which he, kindly, left to me.)

Karen Williams said...

Wow, I never knew it could be used to clean your window....Now I do and I will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

I totally LOVE Scrubbing Bubbles!

J+S said...

I love this stuff. I use it to clean the ring in my shower.

Ryan said...

Did you really just post a picture of your toilet???